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Hoskins Construction, Inc

Hoskins Construction, Inc specializes in Oilfield construction as well as government, highway, agricultural and many other types of construction. With a focus on speed, safety and efficiency, HCI is the clear choice for all of your construction and dirtwork needs.


Oilfield construction:

Pad sites, lease roads, etc.

Government Projects:

Corps of Engineers, dams, lakes, aquifers, etc.

Highway Projects:

State highway, county roads, etc.

Agricultural Projects:​

Terraces, water retention ponds, etc.

All other earth moving/ dirt work.

Experience Counts...

     With a portfolio consisting of some of the largest earth moving projects in western Oklahoma, HCI has the experience necessary to insure your project is completed in the most efficient way possible.

     Inexperience leads to cost overruns and cutting corners which can lead to poor build quality and safety concerns. At HCI we have the latest GPS technolgy allowing for earth measurements to be calculated within inches. We have the latest cost estimation technology allowing us to plan for unforseen costs which allows the overall cost to the customer to be reduced. We have the newest and most well maintained fleet of equipment available allowing for less downtime and lower fuel consumption. We own almost all of our equipment which means no extravagant equipment rental prices passed on to the customer.

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